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Bristol Sex Workers’ Collective is an organisation set up for sex workers by sex workers as an organisation that is committed to the health and safety and rights of sex workers in our local area. Our goal is to build a grass roots community which is for the end of violence and stigma towards sex workers.

Following Mayor Marvin’s election campaign to close all strip clubs, it became clear that there is a need for a resistance group of people employed in the sex industry in Bristol that can inform on policy and campaign for change. A group gives us the power to campaign while protecting an individual’s anonymity.

BSWC is also a place for sex workers to meet and talk informally. By creating a social group, we hope that we can work together to make a safer and friendlier network for sex workers in Bristol. We believe that our solidarity across marginalisation, and by building bridges across the many different types of sex work that we can work toward the end of stigma and violence towards sex workers, as well as campaign for better labour rights.

As such, we are part of the global movement being led by sex worker’s organisations to end the criminalisation of sex work around the world and in doing so building a better and safer future for sex workers. For more information on decriminalisation or about other groups and resources, please visit the resources page.

BSWC is committed to fairness and equality. Hate speech and discriminatory behaviour is not tolerated:

  1. On our pages

  2. In our groups

  3. At our events

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Sex Workers
A Call for Decriminalisation

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